Happy Summer! It’s scorching hot here in LA today–107 degrees! Stayed indoors at the gym for this workout!

This booty boosting gym sweat sesh targets your glutes in all the right places–perfect for bikini days in the sun! 😉

Enjoy!! Let me know what you think!


PS – Don’t forget to fuel with protein and fast carbs after! And if you like this workout, you can find more in the Strong Girl Fitness Guide!

Total Workout Time: 45 Min – 1 Hour

WARM UP – Repeat 3x

Half Squats 25


Sumo Squats 25

SUMO SQUATS The Strong Movement

SS (SUPERSET) #1: 3×12

Step Ups

Step Ups The Strong Movement

Strong Girl Curtsy Squats

Strong Girl Curtsy Squat The Strong Movement

SS #2: 3×12

Side Lunges

side lunges The Strong Movement

Alternating Split Jacks

alternating split jacks The Strong Movement

SS #3: 3×12

Stability Ball Hip Thrusts

stability ball hip thrusts The Strong Movement

Stability Ball Toe Taps

stability ball toe taps The Strong Movement

Single Set: 4×12

Straight Leg Deadlifts (Barbell or Dumbbells)

Straight leg deadlift The Strong Movement