RECIPE: Strong Girl Vegan Protein Pancakes

One of my favorite Strong Girls Sophie Wix (read her Strong Girl Spotlight here!) has been spending some time experimenting in the kitchen and recently perfected a new Strong Girl Vegan Protein Pancake Recipe! They look just as delicious as they taste! They are vegan, gluten-free, no sugar added, and low FODMAP, and, get this... they [...]

Strong Girl Approved Fat-Burning, Muscle-Building Fish Recipe!

I'm obsessed with this fish dish my mom shared with me the other day. We've already made it twice since! Not only does it have so much flavor, but it's also lean and light, which is perfect for these upcoming bikini months. I've had a few photoshoots in the last couple of weeks and eating [...]

Strong Girl Recipes: Super Easy Salmon Burgers & Fish Tacos

Last night I cooked for my whole family and decided to whip them up two Strong Girl Recipes: Salmon Burgers & Fish Tacos with Yam Fries! These are Strong Girl Nutrition Plan Approved: Lean Protein (Fish) + Carbs (Tortillas, Buns, Yams) + Fat (Avocado, Light Sprinkle of Cheese, Dipping Sauce, Olive Oil) + Greens & Veggies [...]

Glow & Radiate Morning Juice

I LOVE carrot juice. When I was in college, I would buy carrot juice by the gallon and drink at least a cup everyday. However, I recommend staying away from store-bought juices because they are filled with extra sugars and preservatives to keep the juices from spoiling quickly. I've always wanted a juicer, so last year [...]

Homemade Starbucks – Strong Girl Spinach Feta Wrap

The Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap is my favorite "healthy" option when grabbing a quick breakfast and coffee at Starbucks.  Even though it's one of their healthier options on the menu for its good source of protein and carbs, as expected, it's still loaded with sodium!  (I would say the Egg & Cheddar Sandwich and the Reduced-Fat Turkey [...]

National Pumpkin Day: 5 Pumpkin Recipes

We all know that pumpkins play the starring role in Fall tradition every year. Not only are they a fun novelty around this time, but they’re also extremely versatile in the kitchen. And because they work their way into every dish and baked good imaginable, their health benefits are worth talking about and shining the [...]

Elli Quark Ezekiel Parfait

We are obsessed with our delicious daily midday snack! We discovered Elli Quark over a year ago and have been loving this German secret since!  They call it a cheese, but it it essentially like a yogurt!  It's super light and airy and we love the smoother and less thick consistency it has!  Here is [...]

RECIPE: St. Paddy’s Day Greens Juice

Happy Shamrock Day! In honor of St. Paddy (and yes, I had to look up St. Patty vs. St. Paddy), here are 2 Strong Girl Recipes for you--a juice for all of you juicers and a protein shake if you're on the run! St. Paddy's Greens Juice: Base: ½ Cup Coconut Water Fruit: ½ Granny Smith [...]

Just Beet It! The Most Underrated Nutritional Powerhouse + RECIPE

Beets may not get a lot of attention these days, but they are one of the most underrated vegetables that actually date all the way back to the ancient Romans for their amazing health benefits.  Whether you are an athlete, weekend warrior or just want to be fit and healthy, next time you’re at the [...]

RECIPE: Valentine’s Day Healthy Brownies: Secret Ingredients

Who doesn't love chocolate? Especially as a decadent treat or dessert on Valentine's Day!  I’m a sucker for brownies, so I got to thinking how I could create a healthier alternative that I can indulge in and not feel guilty for it!  Biting into these brownies, you'd never guess they were flourless and made with 2 [...]