Hello Chapman Strong Girl Community! Welcome!

We are your Chapman Strong Girls (and so are you)!

While we’ve been hard at work beginning the process of becoming an official club, we wanted to properly introduce ourselves.

We’re a group of five women who want to live our best lives, both physically and mentally, and support and encourage our friends and peers to do the same. We believe in the power of believing in yourself, taking risks, working hard, and making things happen.

Our main goal at Chapman is to spread this message of positivity and to create a group of girls that help each other to achieve this. This is why we are planning tons of events that will push you to achieve what you want!

Some cool stuff to watch out for the future are:

  • Group workouts
  • Vision board workshop
  • Healthy dinners at local restaurants
  • How to do groceries and meal prep
  • Meditation
  • Confidence workshop
  • Hikes
  • Study groups

We are very excited to share all of these fun events with you in the future and hope that you will join us! We will be posting more info, as well as recaps about our events on this Chapman Community page! Make sure to sign up for the Free Chapman Strong Girl Community and get to know us by reading our individual bios! You can also follow us on Facebook + Instagram! 🙂

And just remember that a Strong Girl knows that her mind is her most powerful weapon and that a Strong Mind and Strong Body make one strong, fit, and beautiful babe!

Love + Sweat,
Your Chapman Strong Girls xoxo