Strong Girl Spotlight


Age: 29

Plant Based Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef, Vegan Lifestyle Coach

Costa Mesa, CA

Rachel Schwartz Strong Girl Spotlight The Strong Movement

Tell us about yourself!

Hello, my name is Rachel Schwartz. I live in Orange County, California. I work as a plant based nutritionist in Anaheim right by Disneyland. Everyday I work with people to help them towards achieving they’re health goals. Whether it’s weight loss, getting off a certain medication, reducing they’re insulin levels, etc my goal is to teach and coach people the skills they need to reach they’re goals and find a lifestyle that’s sustainable long term! A new passion of mine is being a raw food chef! I believe that consuming raw food heals the body from the inside out! I love creating plant based meals and raw food desserts! You can find my recipes online!

When did you discover fitness & healthy living and decide to pursue a career within the industry?

That is kinda a hard question to answer. My journey towards having a career in fitness and healthy living has been something that has been building since 2011, the last 5 years. It started when I got let go from my job. This was a job that was very stressful and I felt I had lost myself in. When I got let go I truly didn’t know what I wanted to do. I took 10 months off to rediscover myself and figure out what I was interested in. I knew I was at a crossroads and had an amazing opportunity to create a new reality for myself.

During this time for self discovery my dad, whom I’m very close with, suggested that I look into nutrition. Nutrition was something that hadn’t crossed my mind but after much thought I choose that as my next adventure. Growing up friends had always told me that I was one of the healthiest people they knew and of course I had a serious love for food! After getting certificated as a nutrition and starting my practice I started getting into my fitness and athletic performance. This lead me to competing as a bikini bodybuilder and that experience led to questioning the foods I was eating which led me to changing my practice to plant based nutrition. Which lead me to wanting to learn more about raw food. Those are the cliff notes. My career is still changing and evolving! I truly love what I do and am very passionate about it.

What do you wake up looking forward to and excited about everyday?

Everyday I wake up excited to connect with people! I am always learning from the people I work with. Hearing what they struggle with and trying to simplify things for them. I love to talk about their life and what kinds they enjoy. Then I offer a new perspective and educate/teach them to try something new. Sharing my knowledge and teaching is really what I love to do.

Do you have any daily rituals?

I do! My daily rituals can vary as I like to try new routines to see what works for me. As of right now my routine is waking up at 6am, getting up and make myself some tea. I will sit for a bit to stretch and meditate. Even take this time to play and give my dogs some attention. Then I make myself some breakfast and write down a master list of my goals and things I need to get done for the day or the week. Then I get ready and head off to work for the day.

What’s in your gym bag?

My gym bag has my weight training gloves, towel, fresh fruit, lock and my spin shoes.

Rachel Schwartz Strong Girl Spotlight The Strong Movement2

What keeps you motivated when the going gets tough?

My motivation comes from a couple places.

1.) Friends: I surround myself with very motivated people. We hold each other accountable and follow up with one another and we’ll have “meetings” to specifically talk about what we’re working on and things we need help with. This is very helpful and takes the friendship to another level.

2.) Podcasts: I love podcasts. I listen to them when driving to and from work, amongst other places I have several podcasts I enjoy listening too. This motivates and inspires me to grow.

3.) Social Media: I have certain people who I follow that really get me amped up! I make sure to follow people who inspire and motivate me. If I need a lift I know where I need to go.

What do you love about your body?

I love many things. My health! I am so grateful for this. I very rarely get sick and I’m a happy and healthy person which is a priority to me. I also love how strong my body is. The things my body is able to do at the gym and the improvements I see when I push myself really inspire me!

Who are Strong Women in your life that inspire you?

My mom inspires me. She is a very strong woman and I love her dearly. Always learning from her. Also I have several friends who are incredible strong women. I LOVE strong women.

What does Strong mean to you?

Strong to me mean: mental toughness. If you can be mentally tough, you’ve got it made. You can overcome just about anything or obstacle that comes your way! Mind over matter! Always!

What makes you a Strong Girl?

I am a strong girl because several years ago I decided that I was a strong girl! I am because I say I am. It is something I am committed it. It’s who I am!

Rachel Schwartz Strong Girl Spotlight The Strong Movement1


Favorite Workout: I love high intense interval training! A mix of cardio and weight training.

Favorite Pump Up/Workout Song? Hm… I love anything dancey and upbeat!

Favorite Healthy Snack: A smoothie is amazing. Fresh fruit (especially dates) or I could always go for a bowl of oatmeal and nut butter.

Favorite Activewear Brand: I like to mix things up. Right now I would say my favorite is Lorna Jane.

Favorite Fruit and/or Veggie: Mango and jackfruit are my favorite!

Favorite Quote: When’s theres nothing left to burn you have to set yourself on fire!

Favorite Inspirational IG Account You Follow: @prestonsmiles @richroll @lewishowes @veganbodybuildingandfitness

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