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STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Aubrey Van Dyke, Chapman University

AUBREY VAN DYKE Age: 21 Hometown: Forest Grove, OR College: Chapman University Major: Kinesiology Year: Junior Sorority: Alpha Phi Instagram: @aubreyvandyke Tell [...]

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STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Essie Uribe, Chapman University

ESSIE URIBE Age: 23 Hometown: Sinaloa, Mexico College: Chapman University Major: Strategic + Corporate Communications & Italian Studies Year: Senior Sorority: Alpha [...]

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STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Jessica Meador, Chapman University

JESSICA MEADOR Age: 20 Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico College: Chapman University Major: TV + Broadcast Journalism Major, PR Minor [...]

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STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Allie White, Chapman University

ALLIE WHITE Age: 20 Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA College: Chapman University Major: Public Relations + Advertising, Strategic + Corporate [...]

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JACKIE DIEBOLD Age: 21 Hometown: Morgan Hill, CA College: Chapman University Major: Double major in Dance & Strategic Corporate [...]

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Welcome Chapman Strong Girls!

Hello Chapman Strong Girl Community! Welcome! We are your Chapman Strong Girls (and so are you)! While we've been hard [...]

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Strong Girl Workshop: Chapman Alpha Phi

This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to visit and work with the Chapman Alpha Phi Chapter during their fall [...]