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ENTER NOW: USC Sorority Instagram Giveaway!

  The Strong Movement has teamed up with Cabana Anna Swimwear again for a USC SORORITY INSTAGRAM CONTEST! here’s how you play the game: ENTER CABANA ANNA SWIMWEAR & THE STRONG MOVEMENT’S SORORITY INSTAGRAM CONTEST! WIN AN EXCLUSIVE EVENT AND SWAG FOR YOUR HOUSE 1) post a photo of you and your friends at one of [...]

Tuesday, September 22, 2015|Strong Girls, Strong Girls on Campus|

A Strong Girl Is…

A Strong Girl believes anything is possible. She is passionate, fun-spirited, a go-getter and a positivity-magnet. She lives life to the fullest with a zest for life that is not only an inspiration, but also contagious. She radiates confidence in the most genuine and authentic way. She has an energetic enthusiasm and believes you can [...]

Wednesday, December 17, 2014|Lifestyle, Strong Body, Strong Girls, Strong Mind|