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VIDEO: 2017 Strong Girl Workshop + Workout: Steps to a Stronger, More Confident + Happier You

I am so excited to share our new video highlighting the Strong Girl Workshop + Workout: Steps to a Stronger, More Confident + Happier You! My mission is to help women become their best and build strong bodies and strong minds! I'm honored I have had the opportunity to share this workshop and workout with [...]

Tighten & Tone for Spring Break at USC

I'm excited to share that The Strong Movement has partnered with University Gateway at USC! I'll be leading weekly workouts for the next four weeks leading up to Spring Break!  This is the perfect time to start working out if you want to tighten and tone that bikini body of yours!  Every week we'll do [...]

3 Healthy Habits to Start 2016!

It may be shocking, but I’ve never really been keen on new years resolutions. I believe anytime of year is a great time to set goals and buckle down on them. But, I do understand how a new year signifies a fresh start! The problem with new years resolutions is that they tend to be [...]

RECIPE: Valentine’s Day Healthy Brownies: Secret Ingredients

Who doesn't love chocolate? Especially as a decadent treat or dessert on Valentine's Day!  I’m a sucker for brownies, so I got to thinking how I could create a healthier alternative that I can indulge in and not feel guilty for it!  Biting into these brownies, you'd never guess they were flourless and made with 2 [...]

Should You Workout When You’re Sick?

Unfortunately, it’s that time of year where head colds and the flu are “going around” and seem almost inevitable. Our bodies are incredibly resilient at protecting against viruses and bacteria. But, sometimes our white blood cells just can’t keep up with or fight off all the foreign invaders and that is when we feel and [...]

RECIPE: Carrot Juice Protein Shake [VIDEO]

A lot of people have been asking me for my favorite post-workout protein shake recipe.  I don’t just stick to one…who doesn’t like variety, right?!  But, I do have staple ingredients that I like to put in all of my post-workout shakes like carrot juice and frozen bananas.  The carrot juice and bananas are nutritious and [...]

Protein Packed Chocolate Mug Cake [VIDEO]

I love this recipe!  I've been making mug cakes for a few years now and they never get old!  They are delicious and so filling, too!  They almost taste too good to be true.  But nope, they are healthy, full of protein and very easy to make for a quick meal.  Experiment in the kitchen [...]

A Strong Girl Is…

A Strong Girl believes anything is possible. She is passionate, fun-spirited, a go-getter and a positivity-magnet. She lives life to the fullest with a zest for life that is not only an inspiration, but also contagious. She radiates confidence in the most genuine and authentic way. She has an energetic enthusiasm and believes you can [...]

RECIPE: Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pancakes

After a few kitchen fails with buckwheat pancakes, I’ve finally come to create a recipe I can stand behind!  Top with 2 tbs of maple syrup and enjoy! INGREDIENTS…Makes 1 serving: 6 tbs buckwheat flour 2 tbs coconut flour ½ scoop vanilla protein powder 3 tbs yogurt or cottage cheese 3 tablespoons milk or water [...]