Strong Girl Beach Bum Booty Workout

Happy Summer! It's scorching hot here in LA today--107 degrees! Stayed indoors at the gym for this workout! This booty boosting gym sweat sesh targets your glutes in all the right places--perfect for bikini days in the sun! ;) Enjoy!! Let me know what you think! xo PS - Don't forget to fuel with protein [...]

Strong Girl Workout: Legs & Booty!

I've been posting features of our Strong Girls in our Strong Girl Spotlight section of the blog for a few months now. When I've asked what these Strong Girls love about their body, a majority of them have responded saying they love their legs! So it's no surprise that similarly many girls following the 8-Week Workout [...]

Strong Girl Workout: Legs & Booty

Hey Strong Girls! Here's a legs & booty workout that'll tone those legs and booty!  This workout gets me sore every time!  Comment below and let me know how it goes for you! Happy Workout! Warm Up: Leg Extensions 3x20 (lightest weight) SS#1: 4x Leg Extensions 15 Strong Girl Curtsy Squats 10 SS#2: 4x Step [...]