New TSM Strong Girl Fitness Guide Exercise Videos

I am so excited to share that our new Member's Only Section of the website is now up and running! This section is for Strong Girls in the Community that have purchased the Strong Girl Guides! If you're a member, you'll now have access to over 75+ Exercise Videos from the Strong Girl Fitness Guide! I filmed [...]

Strong Girl Beach Bum Booty Workout

Happy Summer! It's scorching hot here in LA today--107 degrees! Stayed indoors at the gym for this workout! This booty boosting gym sweat sesh targets your glutes in all the right places--perfect for bikini days in the sun! ;) Enjoy!! Let me know what you think! xo PS - Don't forget to fuel with protein [...]

Strong Girl Workout: Legs & Booty!

I've been posting features of our Strong Girls in our Strong Girl Spotlight section of the blog for a few months now. When I've asked what these Strong Girls love about their body, a majority of them have responded saying they love their legs! So it's no surprise that similarly many girls following the 8-Week Workout [...]

Strong Girl Workout: Legs & Booty

Hey Strong Girls! Here's a legs & booty workout that'll tone those legs and booty!  This workout gets me sore every time!  Comment below and let me know how it goes for you! Happy Workout! Warm Up: Leg Extensions 3x20 (lightest weight) SS#1: 4x Leg Extensions 15 Strong Girl Curtsy Squats 10 SS#2: 4x Step [...]

1.13.15 Cardio HIIT Workout

Cycling is one of my favorite ways to get cardio in. Tonight's 25 Minute HIIT workout: 5 min warm up 2 min medium intensity 1 min low 2 min medium 1 min high 1 min medium 1 min high 2 min medium 1 min high 2 min low 2 min medium 1 min high 1 [...]

Arms & Abs Workout

Warm Up: 3×15 2.5 lb plate internal & external rotators ea arm Triset #1: 4×12 Shoulders: Lateral Raise Abs: 45 sec plank Biceps: Bicep curls Triset #2: 4×15 Triceps: Tri Pulldown with 2 handles off one cable pulley Abs: Stability Ball “In n Outs” Shoulders: Front/Anterior Rope Cable Raise Triset #3: 4×12 Biceps: Rope Cable [...]