Strong Girl Summer 2016 Skincare & Beauty Favorites!

I can't believe how fast summer is going by! How is it already almost mid-August! My skin has been going through many ups and downs these last couple of months that I'm thinking has a lot to do with all the traveling I've done and probably stress, as well! Not to mention, the weather and [...]

The Truth About Stretch Marks

Now that bikini season is in full swing, it’s easy to feel self-conscious about an all-too common area of concern: stretch marks. It’s a popular myth that only pregnant women get them, but in truth, an estimated 80 percent of Americans have stretch marks including myself and even supermodel Chrissy Teigen! Women are often [...]

3 Strong Girl Tips for Bikini Confidence

Now that we’ve hit May, we can officially say that summer is just around the corner! What’s not to love about summer—warm weather, late sunsets, weekend BBQ’s and pool parties?! Whether you’re hitting up that pool party or taking a vacay on a tropical beach, it’s easy to let the bikini blues get the best [...]

Healthy Blonde Hair Tips w/ Gia Sinatra

I finally went in for a much needed cut and color with my friend and hairstylist, Gia Sinatra! Le Salon, the salon she works at, is the cutest--a sanctuary in the heart of Beverly Hills at the Sofitel Hotel! Gia shared her ‪#‎StrongGirlTips‬ for healthy, shiny & long blonde hair with me. I'm absolutely loving this blonde color [...]

Glow & Radiate Morning Juice

I LOVE carrot juice. When I was in college, I would buy carrot juice by the gallon and drink at least a cup everyday. However, I recommend staying away from store-bought juices because they are filled with extra sugars and preservatives to keep the juices from spoiling quickly. I've always wanted a juicer, so last year [...]

4 Tips for Healthy Hair With Celebrity Hairstylist Gia Sinatra

I recently chatted with my hairstylist, Gia Sinatra of Le Salon at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills and she shared with me her Top 4 Tips for Healthy Hair.  She's been cutting, coloring and styling my hair for the past 5 years and I absolutely LOVE her--she's lovely inside and out and, of course, [...]

Sugaring 101 ~ 3 Benefits of this All-Natural Ancient Hair Removal Alternative

When it comes to grooming and getting rid of hair down under, the very thought of it can evoke a variety of different emotions.  After all, we do remember Kourtney’s attempt at giving Khloe a bikini wax on national television.  Not only did we learn not to entrust our siblings with this intimate and important [...]