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STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Kaylee Weeks, University of Arizona

KAYLEE WEEKS Age: 18 Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA College: University of Arizona Major: Dietics (Nutritional Sciences) Year: Freshman Sorority: Delta Gamma Instagram: @kaylee.weeks [...]

STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Laura Nelson, University of Arizona

LAURA NELSON Age: 19 Hometown: Danville, CA College: University of Arizona Major: Pre-Business Year: Sophomore Sorority: Pi Beta Phi Tell us [...]

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STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Dana Tanner, University of Arizona

DANA TANNER Age: 18 Hometown: Tucson, Arizona College: University of Arizona Major: Public Health Year: Freshman Sorority: Pi Beta Phi Instagram: @dana_tanner [...]

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STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Rachel Evans, University of Arizona

RACHEL EVANS Age: 19 Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona College: University of Arizona Major: I am majoring in Retail and Consumer Sciences [...]

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STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Morgan DeSmidt, University of Arizona

MORGAN DESMIDT Age: 20 Hometown: San Carlos, CA College: University of Arizona Major: Pre-Nursing/Psychology Year: Junior Sorority: Delta Gamma Instagram: @mdesmidt [...]

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Strong Girl Sisterhood Workshop + Workout: University of Arizona

Last week, I traveled to Tucson, Arizona to visit the lovely sorority women of the University of Arizona for [...]