I can’t believe how quickly the school year is approaching! I know some Strong Girls have already moved back to campus and are getting ready to start both recruitment and class! I’ve been getting a lot of emails from Strong Girls who are interested in being ambassadors and bringing the Strong Girl Community to their school and wanted to officially open up the application for the school year!

Being a Strong Girl Campus Ambassador is your opportunity to represent TSM on your campus and inspire other girls to live a healthy lifestyle and to become their best! As an ambassador, you get to work with TSM HQ and plan amazing, fun school-wide, sorority and greek Strong Girl events!

The Strong Movement is a sisterhood of supportive women with dreams and aspirations and a community where we can all encourage and support each other by living a healthy lifestyle! The Strong Girl Community is a great place to strengthen and make new friendships, as well as bond over workouts, classes, workshops and fun wellness events! Strong Girl Campus Ambassadors are fun, positive go-getters that make things happen, so that the Strong Girl Community can be a place where girls on campus can motivate each other and strive to be Strong, Confident, Healthy & Happy! 🙂

If you’re interested in leading the Strong Movement on your campus, APPLY HERE! 🙂

You can also get to know all of our Current Strong Girl Campus Ambassadors across the country, here!