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Strong Girl Workshop: Chapman Alpha Phi

This past weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to visit and work with the Chapman Alpha Phi Chapter during their fall retreat in Big Bear, CA! The retreat was held in a big cabin by Big Bear Lake and we kicked off the weekend with the Strong Girl Workshop. We cozied up for 2 hours in the [...]

STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Kaylee Weeks, University of Arizona

KAYLEE WEEKS Age: 18 Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA College: University of Arizona Major: Dietics (Nutritional Sciences) Year: Freshman Sorority: Delta Gamma Instagram: @kaylee.weeks Tell us about yourself! Hi hi! I’m Kaylee. Back home I coach gymnastics for little kids between the ages of 3-4 & 5-6. I absolutely love (and miss) going to the beach with my [...]

STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Laura Nelson, University of Arizona

LAURA NELSON Age: 19 Hometown: Danville, CA College: University of Arizona Major: Pre-Business Year: Sophomore Sorority: Pi Beta Phi Tell us about yourself! Hi I’m Laura! I am from Danville, CA and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Arizona. I plan to major in Marketing and hope to work for a non-profit organization [...]

STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Dana Tanner, University of Arizona

DANA TANNER Age: 18 Hometown: Tucson, Arizona College: University of Arizona Major: Public Health Year: Freshman Sorority: Pi Beta Phi Instagram: @dana_tanner Tell us about yourself! Hi! my name is Dana Tanner and I live in Tucson, Arizona. I was born here and lived here my entire life. I love sports and have played soccer, volleyball [...]

STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Rachel Evans, University of Arizona

RACHEL EVANS Age: 19 Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona College: University of Arizona Major: I am majoring in Retail and Consumer Sciences and minoring in Communications and Business Administration  Year: Sophomore Sorority: Pi Beta Phi Instagram: @rachelevans16   Tell us about yourself! I have moved 11 times in my life, around California and Arizona, but I have always [...]

STRONG GIRL AMBASSADOR: Morgan DeSmidt, University of Arizona

MORGAN DESMIDT Age: 20 Hometown: San Carlos, CA College: University of Arizona Major: Pre-Nursing/Psychology Year: Junior Sorority: Delta Gamma Instagram: @mdesmidt   Tell us about yourself! My name is Morgan DeSmidt and I am a Junior studying nursing and psychology at University of Arizona!  I am a member of Delta Gamma and have held multiple leadership [...]

Strong Girl Sisterhood Workshop + Workout: University of Arizona

Last week, I traveled to Tucson, Arizona to visit the lovely sorority women of the University of Arizona for a Sisterhood Event that included a Strong Girl Workshop and Workout! Both the Workshop and Workout kicked off Panhellenic's Body Image Reflections program for the semester! I was honored to be a part of it [...]

Beefed Up: The Benefits of Eating Grass-Fed Meat

In the Strong Girl Nutrition Guide, I break down the benefits of eating protein, especially lean red meat. While I'm not a big steak person and don’t eat red meat every day, there are certainly days I want to scarf down a big juicy burger or a carne asada! Anyone with me? Some people completely [...]

5 Strong Girl Tips To Get Motivated After Vacation

Going through vacation or post-labor day weekend withdrawals? Hello - you're normal! We all go through this! Your mind and body just took time off from your normal everyday routine. You can't expect to jump back and be at 100% productivity after slowing down. Just like it takes a few days to unwind and truly relax [...]

TSM Back-to-School Study Playlist

Hey Strong Girls! Whether you're starting a new semester of school or refocused on work, chances are you need some background tunes to keep you going! This Back-to-School Study Playlist is all about mellow, but upbeat tracks to get you through that study, work or homework sesh. Check it out and follow on Spotify! xoxo [...]