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TSM April Workout Playlist

Hey Strong Girls! The TSM April Workout Playlist is up a few days early on Spotify!  I had a lot of fun putting this one together.  It's a good mix of some new songs that have been hitting the airwaves, as well as songs I recently discovered.  It's slightly less than two hours and will keep you [...]

Wednesday, March 30, 2016|Fitness, Fitness Tips|

Strong Girl Recipes: Super Easy Salmon Burgers & Fish Tacos

Last night I cooked for my whole family and decided to whip them up two Strong Girl Recipes: Salmon Burgers & Fish Tacos with Yam Fries! These are Strong Girl Nutrition Plan Approved: Lean Protein (Fish) + Carbs (Tortillas, Buns, Yams) + Fat (Avocado, Light Sprinkle of Cheese, Dipping Sauce, Olive Oil) + Greens & Veggies [...]

Friday, March 25, 2016|Nutrition, Recipes|

The Next Big Fitness Craze: Indoor Rowing

Row row row your boat. Alright, I'm calling it...I think the next big fitness craze is going to be rowing! And, I'm 100% in support of it!  I LOVE rowing. Unfortunately, my gym doesn't have a rowing machine, which is such a bummer because it's an amazing full-body workout. Every time you row back (it's [...]

Thursday, March 24, 2016|Fitness|

Glow & Radiate Morning Juice

I LOVE carrot juice. When I was in college, I would buy carrot juice by the gallon and drink at least a cup everyday. However, I recommend staying away from store-bought juices because they are filled with extra sugars and preservatives to keep the juices from spoiling quickly. I've always wanted a juicer, so last year [...]

Wednesday, March 23, 2016|Beauty, Health & Wellness, Nutrition, Recipes|

Coronado, CA Trip Recap + 3 #StrongGirlTravel Tips

I just got back from a much needed weekend getaway to Coronado, CA.  Coronado is an island off of San Diego and before this weekend I had only visited once or twice as a child, so it was new territory I was excited to explore!  Read on for a recap of my trip and 3 [...]

Monday, March 21, 2016|Lifestyle|

Daily Inspo: No Regrets

"You don't ever want to look back and wish that you woulda or coulda lived life with more guts or taken more risks." Alexis Jones, author of I Am That Girl I'm currently reading Alexis Jones' book, I Am That Girl, and, of course, loving every page.  You know when you read a book and feel as if you're [...]

Tuesday, March 15, 2016|Daily Inspo, Motivation|

Strong Girl Workout: Legs & Booty!

I've been posting features of our Strong Girls in our Strong Girl Spotlight section of the blog for a few months now. When I've asked what these Strong Girls love about their body, a majority of them have responded saying they love their legs! So it's no surprise that similarly many girls following the 8-Week Workout [...]

Tuesday, March 15, 2016|Booty, Fitness, Legs, Workouts|

Daily Inspo: Protect Your Mind

"Protect Your Mind." My morning thoughts on why you should protect your mind..... It's been reported that the average millennial spends about 18 hours a day consuming media.  Whether it's watching reality TV, binging on Netflix or scrolling through Instagram, millennials are constantly bombarded with different messages.  Keeping up with social media alone is no [...]

Wednesday, March 9, 2016|Daily Inspo, Motivation|

Strong Girl Sisterhood Event: USC Alpha Gam

The Strong Movement teamed up with Cabana Anna Swimwear again for a fab, lifestyle pop-up and day party at Alpha Gamma Delta at USC. We had a blast meeting all the lovely ladies of Alpha Gam and treating them to a fun-filled brunch with healthy snacks, gift bags filled with beauty products and, of course, shopping! [...]

Homemade Starbucks – Strong Girl Spinach Feta Wrap

The Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap is my favorite "healthy" option when grabbing a quick breakfast and coffee at Starbucks.  Even though it's one of their healthier options on the menu for its good source of protein and carbs, as expected, it's still loaded with sodium!  (I would say the Egg & Cheddar Sandwich and the Reduced-Fat Turkey [...]

Wednesday, March 2, 2016|Nutrition, Recipes|